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Syuba Literacy Project

Syubas (Kagate in Nepali) live in the northeastern corner of Ramechhap district in Janakpur Zone. Syuba villages are located on the upper portions of the hills between Khimti and Likhu revers, primarily in the Village Development Committees of the Duragaoun, Namadi, Bhuji, Rasnalu According to Syuba tradition, they originally migrated from the Helambu area and invented Nepali Handmade paper out of ‘Sigiua’ (a sapling plant).  They are called the ‘Father of Paper’ (Syigu haba-syiguba-Syuba).

Though Syuba claims that they are the ‘Father of paper’ but sadly many of them can’t read what is written on the paper. Language can play a vital role to improve literacy. In Nepal literacy classes are run in National language and many indigenous people do not understand the language that stop them.

So, striving towards building capacity to solve daily life problems through MT Literacy in order to improve quality of life of individuals and the community, HIS Nepal has started to develop Literacy materials in Syuba and mobilizing community.

 “Literacy can only be maintained if there is an adequate supply of reading materials for adolescence and adult, as well as for school children, and for entertainment as well as for study.” –UNESCO.

 HIS Nepal has prepared more than 50 MT stories book in Syuba and now developing Syuba primer for its 5 months MT basic literacy class. After completing MT basic Literacy class, participants will be given MT stories book for practice their neo literacy skill.

Syuba-Nepali Bilingual Literacy Project (2016-2019)