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My Name is Dhechyen Lhomo Lowa. I live in Upper Mustang in a village named Kimling. It is under the Chhonup village development Committee. I married and now my husband is working in a foreign country. I have not studied anything before. I faced many problems trying to receive money sent by my husband because I didn't have a bank account and didn't know how to write my name and sign in the necessary papers. This year, a literacy class was taught in my village and I was able to go there to learnOur teacher Norbu Sangbu, taught us regularly. The class met regularly and the teacher was also regular for the class. I attended the class and learned how to read and write. Now I know how to read and write my name and my village name. After completing the class, I opened a bank account in my own name and it has been easier for me to receive the money sent by my husband. Now, I am not facing any problems like before to receive money. I am very happy.  It has also been easier for me to do some business while I go down to Pokhara, Beni, and Myagdi (Hill area outside the Mustang district). I am very thankful for this opportunity.

My name is PemaKhato Lowa. My home is in the Mustang District, Chhonup VDC Ward no 3. My villages name is Thingar in Upper Mustang. I am 25 years old. I am the eldest daughter in my family. I have always had to help my family with farming and other work.  That’s why I did not get a chance to go to school and learn how to read and write. I have a younger brother who able to study in school. In the winter, I go to Pokhara, Beni and Baglung (hilly region outside of Mustang district/warm area) for business. When I travel there many people ask me how much education I have. It is so shameful to me when I tell them that I have never been to school and I do not know how to read or write. Many times their questions hurt me and it causes me to feel badly about myself. This year I attended the literacy class held in my village.  I went regularly to the class and I learned alphabet and simple sentence reading and writing. Our teacher also came regularly and taught us. Slowly I learned to read some letters and words. Now I can write my name and I know how to read and write simple words and sentences. Now I am very happy.  How nice it is that we get chance to read and write like this. It feels wonderful to have this knowledge.

My name is Chhiring Lhakto Lowa. I live in Fuwa in Upper Mustang. I have never been to school so I have always felt like a blind person since I cannot read or write what is before me. It has always been very difficult for me to go down to the city for business. It is shameful to me to say that I have never been to school. When mobile phone service became available in my village, I was able to get a mobile phone but was unable to dial my friends number because I did not know what the numbers were. It was so difficult for me. I desperately wanted to learn numbers so that I could dial my mobile and talk to my friends. Then I went to the literacy class in my village. My teacher taught English numbers too. Now I know how to dial my mobile phone and am able to recognize all the numbers. I know also am able to write out my mobile phone number too. It is much easier for me now. I am happy.

 I am Pa Dhoka Lowa and I am 24 years old. I live in the Nyamdok village in upper Mustang. I had a strong desire to know how read and write but I was never given the chance to attend school because my family needed me to work at home. Being illiterate is so difficult. When I would travel to Pokhara by bus, it was very difficult because I could not even recognize the bus number.  Some of my friends who were educated used to ask me what my bus number was and I was always unable to answer them. When they asked this question it hurt me in my heart because I was not able to answer them. It was very shameful for me. Because of the literacy class in my village I have been able to learn how to read numbers and even some words and important sentences. I can easily recognize the numbers on the bus. I am very happy. I want to thank my teacher for all of the time he invested in us. He has taught me so much.