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Hyolmo Orthography Development

The Hyolmo people are an indigenous people of the Eastern Himalayan Region in Nepal. They refer to themselves as the "Yolmopa" or "Hyolmopa", and natively reside in the Helambu and Melamchi Valleys of northeastern Nepal, situated over 43.4 kilometres (27 miles) and 44.1 kilometres (27.4 miles) to the north of Kathmandu respectively. The combined population of Hyolmo in these two regions is close to 10,000. They also have sizeable communities in Bhutan and some territories within India, primarily Darjeeling and Sikkim. They are among the 59 indigenous groups officially recognized by the Government of Nepal as having a distinct cultural identity and are also listed as one of the 645 Scheduled Tribes officially recognized by the Constitution of India.

 The Hyolmo people speak Hyolmo Languge of the Kyirong-Kagate branch in the Sino-Tibetan language family. Recently Hyolmo Orthography was developed using Devanagri Script by conducting 5 days’ workshop (June 12-16, 2-16) organized at  Hyolmo Society Service Association Office, Boudha by Hyolmo Foundation  with the help of HIS Nepal. HIS Nepal has published a draft proposed writing guide also in order to get feedback and comments from communities for better improvement of the writing system in Hyolmo.