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Gurung OP Program

Gurung Orthography promotion

         Nepal is known as Multilanguage country. In Nepal, 123 different indigenous people.  Among them, Tamu (Gurung) is also in Nepal. According to 2011 census, there are 686,000 Tamu(Gurung) which of 338925 of them speak the Tamu language. The language of Gurung is known as 'Tamukwi'. Maximum of Gurung people live in Northwest in Gandaki Zone, Specifically, Lamjung, Kaski, Manang, Syangja, Parbat, Tanahun & Gorkha districts. Among them, some of Gurung people lives in Baglung, Okhaldhunga & Taplejung districts too. Few number of Gurung people lives in Bhutan, Sikkim & India's west Bengal.

      Till now, Gurung language is spoken but not used in writing practices. But in 2073/10/12 to 2017/10/15, Gurung writing guide book was established by SIL International, MTCN and TAMU DHI Nepal. Main goal to make Gurung writing guidebook is to standardize & helps to read & write in Gurung language. So for that, Promotion is necessary to promote every place where Gurung people stay.

       In 2018/02/11 to 2018/02/15, HIS Nepal selected best Gurung facilitators and trained them in own language in Tamu Dhi Nepal, pokhara. As we did agreement with Tamu dhi Nepal to Organized Gurung Orthography Promotion program in 40 different places in Lamjung, Kaski, Manang, Syangja & Tanahun) Districts. Our facilitators are Promotion the Gurung Orthography and teach them about Gurung writing guidebooks rule.

Impact story:

  • In 21 century, we Gurung were so backward because we know our mother language still we don't use at the moment due to Nepali language & English language. Main problem is that, we didn't teach Gurung language to our children's so we are facing this program. But this Gurung OP program encourages every participants to speak in own language. From now, we will speak our language and try our best to save our language.
  • Peyari gurung said, "Before I came to Pokhara, I used to stay at Darjeeling. At that time one of my friends asked me, how Gurung people greet in your language? That time I felt shameless because I don’t know my language. In this program I got chance to learn my greeting word "chyajalo". So I am so happy