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Darai OP Program

Nepal is known as Multilanguage country. In Nepal, 123 different indigenous people.  Among them, Darai is one of the nationalities & an ethnic group of Nepal. The total number of Darai population is 14,859 in Nepal according to census 2001. They are the indigenous people of Nepal since long. Maximum of Darai people live in Western & central of Nepal. Like Chitwan, Tanahun, Nawalparasi, Gorkha, Dhading & palpa districts.

Till now, Darai language is spoken but not used in writing practices. SIL International and MTCN developed Darai Writing Guidebook in order to standardize in writing system of Darai language. It also helps Darai People to read & write in their language. Though Darai orthography was developed and a writing guidebook was published, many Darai are still remaining unknown about it. Until it is not promoted and used in writing system by wider population, orthography development does not take place fully developed. So for that, Promotion is necessary to promote every place where Darai people live.

Darai Orthography Teacher Training

 In order to promote Darai Orthography, HIS Nepal conducted material preparation and Facilitators training for 3 days from 2018/02/11 to 2018/02/15. 4 Darai facilitators and 1 supervisor were trained how to teach and promote the Darai Orthography in the field.

Darai Orthography Promotion Program

Darai Orthography Promotion program have been conducting in 25 different places in Tanahun & Chitwan Districts.

 Comments from Participants:

  • Mahesh Darai said," this program is really effective for every Darai. As I used to write Darai songs, poem, story & about culture of Darai. Till now I just write by Nepali words which was not standard. But in this OP class I just know the rule for writing which our facilitators explained so nicely and today I wrote Song under the rule of Darai writing Guide book. So now I can write correctly & give my all collection to Newspaper and press it."                  
  • Muyya Darai said that, "I know the important of Darai language after I got chance to attend Darai Op class today. As I am Teacher I can talk in my mother tongue but I don’t use more in school. One day my teacher told me, why don’t you teach Darai language to your children? I told, it's not so important because now days English & Nepali language are more important than it. But now I realized my big mistake that mother tongue is much important that other. From now, I promise I will teach my children & Darai students to talk in Darai Language.              
  • Thakur Darai said that, "I am interested in Darai programs from beginning as I am Darai too. But due to lots of work I cannot attend in Orthography development in previous year but I read that Darai writing guide book. As I was against that book to be honest because of not clearly standardize. So I always blame this book. But now in this Darai Op class, Our facilitators just explained so nicely & removed my all question by giving suitable examples and answer as I saw that Alphabet chat. That was awesome. So now I am really happy with this Darai writing guide book and Darai Op classes."            

Bir Bahadur Darai said, "I am really happy with this OP program because while developing Darai writing guide book I was also participate & also helped in recording Darai language too. But some of my official friends were against this work as they were blaming that you guys just developed wrong Darai writing guide book. So I was dominated by them so I feel so sad. But in Orthography promotion class clearly explained to them by our facilitators about it. At last they appreciated with Darai writing guide book