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Orthography Promotion

The Foundation of Language development is Orthography development and its promotion. Without orthography language can be written and without written language cannot be saved. In Nepal, many languages have not orthography yet.  Many speakers do not know their language Orthography was developed. After developing orthography, its promotion is most important for the language and language community. HIS Nepal has promoted 6 languages Orthography as given below name of language and number of classes. And 16 Orthography Promoter were trained to promote and teach Orthography in their Mother Tongue.

  1. Athpahariya - 4  
  2. Syuba - 9
  3. Madhya Kshetriya Tharu
  4. Lowa – 3
  5. Lohorung 5
  6. Eastern Magar- 25
  7. Yakkha
  8. MP Tharu

What people say about Orthography Promotion Class

In the Lowa OP classes one participant said that I saw many reading materials in our language. When we started to read there are some dots or new alphabet that we do not know how to read.  so, that makes lazy to read those books. We were thinking to have this kind of classes so that we know the new alphabets and can read those books. It is very helpful so now we know how to read those dots and new alphabets.

In Madhya Khsetriya Tharu OP participants were very excited to attend the classes and 'they were saying that to have right to read and write in our language was our main agenda to Government, we were doing protest for this with Government for long time. Now we get this right to read and write our language. They were saying this. For the OP classes we supposed to have maximum 20 participants. But there was more than that. Some classes have 48 some have 34 and always more than 25. They said 'you guys cannot stop us to come to learn to read and write our language with fixing number of participants.' So, they just gather and attend the class. They are asking more classes for same place and in other new places.

Training about Tharu language writing system is historical and first time in Nawalparasi district and it gave us an awareness and big concern towards our MT, said leader of Tharu Kalyan Karini Sava.  

It is our responsibility to promote our language but we were not able to do that. Today, HIS Nepal came to our area and helped us to conserve our language and culture we are so happy. It has given us a kind of positive thought towards our language since program were done in many villages, “said Ronu Chaudhary, a teacher OP.  She also said that I have heard about multilingual education but I did not get to see any multilingual program. Really excited and happy, I personally as a teacher of Tharu Orthography, involved in promotion of our Orthography.

One of the OP teachers (Ronu Chaudhary) said, “in Baisakh month, there was a writer Workshop organized by TFN where OP students and me were also invited. It was a privileged for me to each C. Tharu writing system to participants of Writer Workshop even. And participants, who came from OP, were leading the group discussion in writer workshop time. They were actively participating in the story writing workshop and one participant even came in front of the group and said, “it made easy to write story for us since we already knew the writing system because of OP”.

Mr. Nar Bahadur Mahato, “I am so happy to attend this program. I have learned about our Mother Tongue and Orthography also and how to write and read our language”. I learned new thing from here.

Tek Narayan Thanet, “I am happy with the class, I came to know many new things about our language.  New information about Tharu language and culture I learned.